The Top 10 Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls


Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls

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The Top 10 Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls as voted on by our site visitors.  This Top 10 list and gallery is the result of our poll which has over 330 votes. View a map of Parkway Waterfalls.

Without further ado, the most popular waterfall on the Blue Ridge Parkway is . . .

1. Linville Falls - At Milepost 360, Linville Falls requires not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 different overlooks to be properly appreciated.  Photo by Jim Ruff, Blowing Rock Photographer.

2. Looking Glass Falls - At Milepost 411, Looking Glass Falls is one of the most symmetrical and easiest-to-get-to waterfalls in the Southeast.  Photo by Deborah Scannell Photography, Asheville Fine Art & Landscape Photographer.

3. Crabtree Falls (NC) - At Milepost 339, Crabtree Falls features an ever-widening cascade and ample level ground at the base of the falls from which to view and take photographs.  Photo by Brian Streett.

4. Crabtree Falls (VA) - Not to be mistaken with the other Crabtree Falls in NC, the Virginia Crabtree Falls is a favorite for visitors at the northern end of the Parkway.  Photo by James Beeler.

5. Graveyard Fields Falls (Upper & Lower) - At Milepost 419, Lower Falls at Graveyard Fields (also known as Yellowstone Falls on Yellowstone Prong, Second Falls, etc.) makes for a great short hike. Renovations to the parking area will cause some inaccessibility starting in November, 2013. Photo by Landscapes of the Blue Ridge.

6. Cascades (Jeffress Park) - At Milepost 271, the Cascades make for a delightful ending to an easy 1-mile round-trip hike from the parking area at E.B Jeffress Park. Photo by Tommy White.

7. Skinny Dip Falls - At Milepost 271, the Cascades make for a delightful ending to an easy 1-mile round-trip hike from the parking area at E.B Jeffress Park.  Photo by Terry Barnes.

8. Fallingwater Cascades - At Milepost 83 near Peaks of Otter, Fallingwater Cascades is on a moderate 1.5 mile rhododendron-lined trail. Photo by Landscapes of the Blue Ridge.

9. Glassmine Falls  - At Milepost 361, Glassmine Falls is one of the tallest cascades in the Eastern US — when it exists. The falls is often dry and if there is water, it is only viewable from an overlook about a mile away. Photo by Jim Ruff, Blowing Rock Photographer.

10. Apple Orchard Falls - At Milepost 78, Apple Orchard Falls is one of two Virginia falls to make the Top 10 list. You can even walk right up and get a refreshing shower during the summer. Photo by Landscapes of the Blue Ridge.

You can find some other great local waterfalls at Waterfall Picture Guide.

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