Is Linville Falls Open During The Government Shutdown?


Is Linville Falls open during the government shutdown?  The answer is YES!  But you can’t access it via the Parkway directly.  (NOTE: Residents in the area tell us that there has been no limitation to the trail system via the access shown below, but that could always change.)  

All Parkway Visitor Centers are closed and the spur that leads to the Linville Falls Visitor Center (Linville Falls Road) is blocked off at the Parkway which is a mile away from the Falls.  But access is possible via Highway 183.  Check out the map and details below . . .


Inset photo by Victor Ellison.

You will have to get off the Parkway at Milepost 317 on Highway 221.  Go south for a quarter mile and take a left on Highway 183.  Then go another quarter mile and park either at the sharp left-hand turn on the side of 183 or park along the forest service road on the right.  There is easy trail access just off the forest service road to the left.

You’ll take a short walk to intersect the Linville Falls trail system where you can take any of the trails to the four overlooks.

On October 8, 2013, Linville Falls Lodge is reporting leaf color to be Patchy in the area at about 25% changed.  Check out our Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Colors Tracker for complete fall foliage coverage.  It is updated each Thursday through the end of October.

Linville Falls was recently voted the favorite Blue Ridge Parkway waterfall by our fans.  View the Top 10 Waterfall of the Blue Ridge Parkway graphic.

If you have been on the Parkway in the past few days and can update us on access to other Parkway features (trails, recreational areas, etc.) please leave a comment on this user-contributed Blue Ridge Parkway Government-Related Shutdown Updates post.



  1. Do you have to walk a while to get to any of their campsites? Or is 183 pretty close to them? Was planning to go camping there next weekend.

  2. There is a gravel parking lot for visitors just off the entrance to the US Forest Service area off 183. No need to clog up 183 or the dirt road. The lot is labeled Linville Falls parking area.

  3. Great! You let the cat out of the bag. Now Obama’s jackbooted thugs will be guarding that access, too. I wish the locals/visitors would tear down the gates and have a big party at the falls parking lot. If everyone would do that all along the parkway we could put a quick end to this hateful “selective” shutdown by the administration. Love your website btw. Maybe you guys can get ramrod this effort. 😉

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