View of Grandfather from Grandmother at Sunrise, Milepost 306.6

Grandmother Mountain Sunrise by Skip Sickler

Photo by: Skip Sickler, Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation Date Taken: 10/12/2015 Location: Grandmother Mountain, Milepost 307 An autumn sun rises over the High Country in this photo taken from Grandmother Mountain. Fall color is now well on its way in locations lower than 4,000 feet, with areas in Boone and Blowing Rock offering some spectacular viewing.

Viaduct from the Air, Milepost 304


Photo by: Skip Sickler, Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation Date Taken: 10/07/2015 Location: Linn Cove Viaduct, Milepost 304 The iconic Linn Cove Viaduct winds through a High Country autumn. With many leaves having already changed on Grandfather Mountain, experts are expecting this weekend to offer leaf-lookers some prime viewing.

Lower Falls at Graveyard Fields, Milepost 418.8


Photo by: Travel Guide Date Taken: 09/30/2015 Location: Lower Falls at Graveyard Fields, Milepost 418.8 Find peak color now at Graveyard Fields, always one of the first places for great color. Trails are a little muddy, but Lower Falls is really flowing! Check out Romantic Asheville’s guide to the Graveyard Fields Hike & Waterfalls. […]

Morning at Looking Glass Rock, Milepost 417


Photo by: Daniel Plotts Date Taken: 08/14/2015 Location: Looking Glass Rock, Milepost 417 Morning on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Price Lake in Pink


Photo by: Sharon Warner Brisken Date Taken: 08/08/2015 Location: Price Lake A glorious sunset on Price Lake, as smoke from the camper’s fire floats above the water.

Fence at Thunder Hill


Photo by: Scott Scaggs Date Taken: 08/14/2015 Location: Thunder Hill Overlook, Milepost 290.3 Sunset across the road from Thunder Hill Overlook Camera: Nikon D750 Lens: 24mm-84mm Focal Length: 24mm ISO: 100 Shutter: 1.3 seconds Aperture: f22 Filters: None Exposure: Manual How I Got This Shot: After moving my youngest child into her dorm at ASU […]

Black Balsam Knob


Photo by: Daniel Plotts Date Taken: 08/08/2015 Location: Black Balsam Knob, near Milepost 420 This picture was taken along the Art Loeb Spur Trail.

Meteor over Price Lake


Photo by: Victor Ellison Date Taken: 08/13/2015 Location: Price Lake, Milepost 296.7 I spent a couple hours early this morning capturing the Perseid meteor shower over Grandfather Mountain. A thin layer of fog drifted across a placid Price Lake as one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time played out above. Here’s […]

Clouds Rolling over Rough Ridge


Photo by: Sharon Brisken Photography Date Taken: 08/08/2015 Location: Rough Ridge, Milepost 302.8 A spectacular Rough Ridge sunrise as clouds rolled in. This was taken at 6:45am on Saturday, August 8.

Courthouse Falls


Photo by: Carol R Montoya Date Taken: 06/13/2015 Location: Blue Ridge Parkway, drive south on NC Highway 215 Courthouse Falls just off the Blue Ridge Parkway on Highway 215 heading South to FR140. Now you can drive to the falls or take a long walk, and we have done both.