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NOTE: The graphic above is an averaged representation. See below for specific milepost reports.

2014 Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Color Report

This Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Colors Tracker is a great way to keep up with Autumn leaf changes. The Parkway stretches over 469 miles and two states with thousands of feet in elevation difference, so there will be a wide range of color reports from different sections of the Parkway. Weather such as high wind, rain, snow, and frost can affect specific locations along the Parkway and not others in very close proximity.

November 6th Report Details (Final 2014 Update)


As we have reached beyond October on the Parkway, the remnant of fall colors can only be found at the lower elevations. The color change started in late September at the highest elevations and has been steadily progressing down towards lower ground ever since.

In Virginia at the north end of the Parkway, there is still some color in the James River area and on the protected slopes and hollows. Some of the trees still have their leaves in these areas, and there is a general yellowish-rust color across the landscape. The hickory and maple trees seem to be taking center stage right now, with quite a showing of golds and yellows.

The higher elevations of North Carolina, like Grandfather Mountain, Craggy Gardens, and south of Asheville, are beyond their peak, but the drive up to them and the valleys below are still bright with good colors.

Traveling the Parkway through Asheville and north or south up to 3,000 feet is the best place to see colors, with a good mix of red, yellow, gold, and brown still showing.

As always, we recommend driving some distance on the Parkway so that you can change elevation and north-south orientation to be sure and get some of the good color. It is a crowded time on the Parkway, so be careful and take your time visiting America’s favorite drive. Enjoy the view, but watch the road.

November 6th Reporting Stations

Other area reports

Other Fall Color Reports We Recommend

  • Nationwide Fall Foliage Prediction Map
    A national map that can be used to predict the timing of fall colors throughout the United States.  Very useful tool for those wanting to plan trips to see fall leaf color.
  • Fall Color Forecaster Map at Appalachian State University
    Slide the leaf along the dates at the bottom. As you move through the dates, the map will highlight those parts of the state coming into peak color, followed by a browning, which indicates they are past their peak.
  • Fall Color Guy at Appalachian State University
    A page from ASU biology professor Howard Neufeld who posts a weekly report on western North Carolina.
  • Explore Asheville Visitor Center
    The “Official Source” for the 2014 fall color forecast in Asheville and western North Carolina.
  • Fall Color in the Smokies
    This is the official fall color site for Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It contains information about when and where to see fall colors in the Park.
  • Fall Color on Blue Ridge Parkway
    A really great website for fall foliage color reports can be found at the Blue Ridge Parkway Guide by Virtual Blue Ridge. They update frequently, and have archived reports from the past and they cover the entire 470 miles of the Parkway.
  • The Foliage Network
    This is a New England based fall foliage site that provides information on the progression of fall foliage color throughout the eastern, southern and 
    midwestern United States.
  • Webcams of North Carolina
    One way to see fall colors without actually driving somewhere is to view the many webcams that are situated throughout the state. This webpage has links to many webcams in western North Carolina, and in other states. Note that some cameras are of higher quality and provide a better image than others. Also, the time of day you view the webcams can affect your perception of the intensity of the fall colors. Nonetheless, this is a useful site.
  • Weekly Fall Color Reports for NC
    Presented by the North Carolina Department of Commerce, Division of Tourism, Film and Sports Development.

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If you have visited the Parkway in the last few days, please leave a comment letting us know the location (with Mileposts if possible) and one of the five color categories.

  1. Unchanged
  2. Patchy (10 – 50%)
  3. Near Peak (50 – 75%)
  4. Peak (75 – 100%)
  5. Past Peak

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